About Us

Eaton Crop Care has been set up to offer key services to the Marlborough Viticulture and Wine industry. I have over 35 years’ experience in my own vineyards, consulting locally and nationally, establishing successful vineyards and more recently 2 years as a Technical Advisor.


The many years of practical vineyard experience has given me a deep understanding of many facets of vineyard development and management, particularly: spray scheduling and nutrition management.

Why Us

The past two years working with suppliers of chemistry and nutritional products to the industry has given a depth of knowledge in:

  • best application
  • timing
  • resistance strategy
  • nutritional management
  • high salinity soil types


Supply of a range of products

  • Adria Crop Protection – Fungicides, Insecticides, Herbicides and Adjuvants
  • Botryzen range of Organic fungicides
  • Southwell – Contact fungicidal eradicant (pending BioGro registration)
  • EM – Organic micro-organisms


Personalised Spray Programs

  • I work with growers and wineries to develop personalised programs that use the latest available technologies to create a program that is compliant with their winery and SWNZ while also meeting their own personal criteria.


Nutrition Management

  • A Nutritional Program that uses all the latest products available on the market to allow a grower to achieve target yields while maintaining balanced vineyard nutrition.
  • Specialist advice on specific nutritional conditions created in high Sodium vineyard sites.


Crop Monitoring

  • Vineyard monitoring at critical disease pressure points
  • Disease pressure and incidence reporting


Vineyard Development

  • Grape plant supply through Stanmore Nursery
  • Site assessment and layout
  • Rootstock and clonal options


Grape Brokering and monitoring

  • Arranging supply of grapes for industry clients and monitoring